Coronavirus Update: Operational Changes & Need for Volunteers


We have implemented a pre-boxed, drive-through food distribution process. (We're doing this as an abundance of caution to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading among clients or volunteers. No known illnesses have been found at our pantry.) Here's what you need to know:


Are you open?

We are open Monday – Friday from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

Effective Immediately, we are CLOSED on Saturdays during the coronavirus pandemic.

We encourage families needing food to come weekdays for our pre-boxed, drive-through dsitribution.  If they are not able to come themselves, they can send a proxy.


How is food being distributed during the coronavirus emergency?

We are using a pre-boxed, drive-through process. People needing food will be directed to remain in their vehicle and form a queue in a clockwise direction. Barrels and bright tape help guide the vehicles. At the entrance to the queue, they'll be handed a brief menu to indicate their meat selection. Next, they'll drive around to our overhead door, where they'll hand their menu to a volunteer and state their name, address, and number of people in their household. Lastly, they'll advance to the exit door where their food will be placed on a table for them to load into their vehicle.


How do I qualify? What income information do I need to show?

We expect only individuals who truly need food will come. That includes people who earn less than 185% of the federal poverty level or individuals who have lost paychecks due to the coronavirus emergency. No income information is required; your signature is enough.


Do I have to live in Johnson County?

During the emergency, we will serve those who need food (as outlined above) regardless of home address.

How often can I get food?

We have waived our usual two times per month requirement. We expect people to come who truly need food and will serve them.

What about volunteers?

We need volunteers in a big way!  If you're able to volunteer at the Pantry, please email us at


Our pre-boxed drive-through distribution isi working well, but it's more labor intensive. Our volume served is higher than previous weeks, and many of our senior volunteers understandably aren't able to come in to help right now.  This is a great time for youth to get involved at the Pantry.


We're asking that all interested persons email us  at  This is the easiest, quickest way for us to stay in touch with everyone at this time.

Sponsorship Program


Churches, businesses, organizations and individuals are invited to take ownership for a designated period each year to financially support the Pantry.  The sponsorship may be for a half day, full day, week or maybe an entire month.  Your sponsorship goes far to fight hunger in our community.


Please click on the flier/sign-up form for more information.  You can also email us at or call 317-736-5090.  A special thanks to all our sponsors listed on the Recognition tab of this website.